Thursday, August 30, 2007

June at our house was HOPPING

June was lots of fun visits from friends and trips with family! At the beach Brian & I actually went parasailing -it was a beautiful, clear day so you could see FOREVER. Plus I got ot see dolphins :) which always makes my day. Grant and Jared had lots of fun in the sand and of course Jared tried to eat as much as he could-boys! What FUN!!!!!!!!!
"I love it here"
(really, I do)

Grant is playing "hockey" & any minute he'll score a goal!

Jared was content to watch putt putt-we tried to let him play but the stroller kept getting in the way.

Grant's & Jared's 1st trip to Krispy Kreme!

Party at the beach!

After all that-he really is sleeping like a baby

Jared, has strawberries dancing in his eyes!

I know it looks like Jared belongs to them, but I promise he doesn't!

Here's Jared, showing off his rolls!

Stacey getting in some practice :)

I like spikes!

Pizza in a boat, anyone?

Mom, please don't make me come out.

Let's PLAY!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Fun with Friends (5/15/07)

Sawyer is helping Grant swing, she's such a sweetheart!!!

It's a regular pool party in the back yard!!!

Grant LOVES riding the "bike".

Grant is singing here-he was just walking all around
up and down the hill around the house & playset just
singing to himself-wearing his swim trunks and a hard hat!

Just look at Becky's flowers-arent' they GORGEOUS!!!!

Soooooooo beautiful!!!

The whole yard is breathtaking-all the way around the house!!!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

It's all fun and games until someone pokes your eye out. . .

Yeah!!!! Jackson is here!!!!

and the playing begins. . .

& everything seems fine. . .
until. . .

someone's was poked

Don't cry, Jared, I'm sorry

I'm just gonna hold him here for a minute. . .

still playing "catch up"

Here's the 1st haircut Grant sat still for-lollipops are a wonder!