Thursday, April 19, 2007

Just Hanging Out Around the House

The boys and a truck, need I say more (. . . Dad)

Just a couple of basket cases, what can I say?

It's time we went to sea
Mom, you did remember the snacks, right?!?!?

This is Grant's "giggle" dance-he is singing and dancing for Jared and Dad before bed.

Grant decided Dad should have a hat for the ceremonial "giggle dance and song" (Thanks, Nana)

Jared absolutely loves it when Grant entertains him! His dad & I do, too!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Afternoon at 'Nita's & a Night at home

Grant & Jared at Anita's for an impromtu play date-they LOVED it!!!!!!!

Grant especially enjoyed the car.

Jared & Gracie started off w/ naps

FINALLY!!! Jared & Gracie meet for the first time.

The boys getting a "squnch" from Aunt Becca before she heads off to BYU-I.

Grant's 1st official Primary Activity-everyone else here is decorating cookies, Grant on the other hand is trying to find the chocolate chips, I removed them from the table after he used the spoon in them to try to eat them like cereal-the boy LOVES chocolate-what can I say?!?!!?

So much for "pretend" table manners.

Here is Grant "stealing" Avery's pretend food, well at least I can say he's consistent!

All tuckered out after all that partying!

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Jared's Turn! Here are his FAVORITES!

He really does like to be outside and he also LOVES hanging out with his big brother!

Taking over his brother's stuff :)

He loves the Johnny-Jump-Up, but he doesn't like me to take his picture-so Icouldn't get a good smile with the camera in front of my face-Oh, well!

& of course he loves to eat, he's loving it more and more everyday.

This kid LOVES to LAUGH!!!! He smiles a ton, too-it's lots of fun for me to see him so happy!

What can I say, he's a swinging kid!

He gets a kick out of riding "horsey" and it usually induces shrill squeals of delight!

Dancing is a given!

Covering his face, sometimes entirely (which makes me REALLY nervous, but he LOVES it-maybe he can tell it makes me uneasy :)

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Some of Grant's FAVORITE Things!

Curious George!

Nuzzles for Jared

Look at me, I'm ready to go I got my phone &

Being outside is always a favorite, even if it doesn't appear so right now :)

Mom's shoes!

He loves pushing Jared around, too.

It may appear that I'm hugging Jared, but really I'm giving him a good "squish", good thing the stroller protects him a little!

No brotherhood would be complete without teaching your little brother what he's NOT supposed to do.

& then there's DANCING, one of our favorite sporting events b/c around here it is a real workout!

Hanging Out with the Girls

I think she wants me to wait for her to fix her hair :) This is Emma she's such a doll!

OK, looks like they are ready to take off in their boat!

Kyleigh is captaining this vessel, not that you couldn't tell.

Emma was great at "mothering" Jared!

And what better way to top off a visit from friends than with milk and cookies-looks like that made even the Dads happy:) Just ignore my fancy milk pitcher, since it's center stage. . .