Tuesday, March 25, 2008


So, we were able to go to the EXTRAORDINARY BUG exhibit at the Arboretum w/ Sawyer & lucky for us Amaron had a camera-I LOVE the new art-that the kids can playon-FUNCTION! Several of the pieces have little science lessons on them, too.

Thanks again, Amaron for bailing me out-yet again!

Branch Activity

We had an Easter Activity at the Branch House with a Easter lesson and Egg Hunt-Which was immensely enjoyed by all who attended-Just so you know if the Branch is throwing a party you should come!

Look at me, I'm a little angel. . .

Jared, eat the peep. . . . Jared, "NO, Mom, NO!!! They're nasty!"

Do you see any eggs? I found one a minute ago, but when I shook it I couldn't hear anything so I chucked it. (if you don't believe my ask Sister Skroski she saw it all.)

Chocolate, I got chocolate and Mom is not close enough to stop me from eating it!!! HOORAY!

Hmm, let's check out my loot!

Watch, Dad, I can eat a whole cupcake in 1 bite!

Ha, you guys can run but I have a big stick.

OK, now everyone listen to me and no one will be hurt. . .