Saturday, June 14, 2008

Just a Typical Day at Our Home

Hey! I'm guarding the baked goods . . . if anybody asks.

They are looking sooo delicious!

I looove cookies!

Gotta make sure my tire pressure is good before our trip

Who needs Luke Skywalker-I'll be your hero!

As you can see, we are professionals, please don't try this at home.

Blocks, anyone?. . . no, well, how about "BUCKET HEADS"?

I'm in the cabinet again!!!! & no, I dont' know where your food processor is! (now, we all know you don't mess with Mom's expensive TOOLS) yeah, right!

Dad, this is NOT a tractor-it's a BUS! (this is serious business)

Mom! STOP looking at us-GET that camera OUT of our FACE!

Grant is singing "Wheels on the Bus" -they are going round & round in this shot.

Jared, let's DRIVE this bus.

Look, we caught one of those rare "quiet" moments-it's a MIRACLE!

Mom, Mom, Mom, look at me (I'm a big boy)

OK, so maybe Grant is a little too comfortable being in front of the camera?

Hey, look at us-we are HIDING!

Well, typical . . . nothing is typical at our house but here's some stuff the boys enjoy.