Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Granted it did snow late on Christmas day, but today there was enough to PLAY in!!! Jared lost his shoe early in the game and we had to go in for a new sock-after that he got a little extra help from Mom so he coudl stay outside as long as possible -which wasn't long b/c of the wind
Jared would only play in the snow w/ one hand-he quickly decided one little finger could do the work-it was really funny to watch.

It was still coming down-so pretty . . .

Jared had me spinning in circles. . . why? Well, maybe you could figure that part out. . . .

He's checking to see if he has time to make a get away . . . and he doesn't. So he decides to call Jared to come join him on his walk

But Jared took too long to get there-Grant's gone off on another adventure.

Hey, guys, where did my snowball just go???

Hey, look, Mom is making snowballs w/ her bare hands. . .silly, Mom.

We have only one word for you SNOW!!!!!!!