Thursday, May 1, 2008

Grant's 1st Soccer Game

So, it was April 19, 2008 a COLD & misty morning in the mountains-not so cold and misty that we couldn't play soccer, though! Just so you know the funniest part was when Grant scored his goal, he was trying soooo hard not to smile (I cannot figure out why-but it was funny)

RUN, boys, RUN

This is my ball & NO you can't have it. I need it to score a goal

This is Grant's decoy-he is only posing as a goalie.

There's the post goal celebration! Look how excited Coach Tommy is!

Here's the "I am not going to smile, I am not going to smile"

Oh, but look at that -the smile ESCAPES!!!! It appears that he does like playing soccer after all!

Hope you are all doing well!!!! & if you want to come see a game -some are at 10am on Sat. (the others are at 9am & I don't even want to get there by then-so if you are looking for something to do one morning-come join us! It's lots of FUN!!!!)