Thursday, April 17, 2008

Hiking at HardTimes Trail

Last Saturday we took a little hike as a family-after making homemade granola chunks (they didn't quite stay in bars-but, hey, it happens!) The boys LOVED being outside and allowed to THROW rocks into the water and play with sticks and "go fishing". Life is so simple right now-I'm loving it-hopin' it'll last forever! (esp. during nap time :)) Anyways! Just wanted to share a couple pix of our outting.

Feel the load, get ready for lift off . . .

Do you see the leaf?

Hey, Jared, check this out! We can make the water SPLASSSSSSSSHHHHHH!


I love how Brian catches the "most complementary angles" -I especially like to use them as the desktop wallpaper on the home computer

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Grant's Birthday (just a little late)

On Grant's birthday he went to play at Fun Depot ("my birthday" as he calls it). Anyway, we just had a little play date-Sawyer, Chloe & Annie were there but they were all moving so fast I couldn 't get pictures of all of them together. Peggy did however get one of our little family-THANKS, Peggy!

C'mon, Pop, there are toys to play with here!

Everyone is excited to see Grant blow out his candles!

Hey, guys, check out the cake my Nana made me!

We had extra time to get these since he blew each candle out individually.

Yeah, check me out I'm 3 now!

For those of you who are unaware "how late" this is-it's one month and a day late . . . story of my life!