Sunday, October 19, 2008

Disney World!!!

Yes it’s been almost a month since we’ve been to Disney World and we’re just now posting about it, sorry!

Maggi planned for what seemed like weeks for this trip and I remember getting concerned about the amount of time she was spending on it. Well I can say the planning paid of as we had a wonderful time. It was great to get away and spend time together as a family and have fun.

Some things we learned on the trip:

· Jared can go the distance! We did not take strollers, nor did we rent them in the parks. Yes it may sound cruel but we made the boys walk the whole time and they did much better than we expected. We were so glad that we didn’t have to lug around a bunch of extra gear as we traveled between parks! They usually lasted until about dusk and then we’d start giving them piggy-back rides which was fine unless they fell asleep! The crazy thing is that we saw 8 and 9 year old kids being pushed around by their parents!

· Grant is a baby in a big boy body. We went to one of those shows with the 3D glasses and about 15 seconds into the show Grant started screaming at the top of his lungs. He was totally freaked out by the stuff flying out of the screen and he never forgot it. Anytime we started to walk into a theater (or any dark place) he would start running in the other direction screaming about stuff jumping out at him. We usually had to haul him in potato sack style and hug him tight as the show started so that he wouldn’t get too scared. Even the fireworks (which we’ve seen plenty of time before) we too scary for him on this trip!

· I’ll never grow a beard. I forgot my electric shaver so I went without shaving during the trip and I looked like one of those kids in high school that wanted to grow a beard but couldn’t. Oh well.

· We can’t eat as much as we thought. We got the fancy meal plan and we loved having it! We quickly learned however that there was no way that we could eat every meal on the plan. We started using all our meal points that we started accumulating after a few days to eat at the fancy restaurants where 2 meal points equaled 1 of their meals. This was great as we got to enjoy some Disney fine dining. My personal favorites were the Tusker House in the Animal Kingdom (side item sampler heaven!) the German restaurant in Epcot and Ohana in the Polynesian Resort. (Grant loved that one because the waitress kept refilling his juice and he finished 5 cups of that stuff!)

We also got a chance to visit the Orlando Temple while we were there which was great because the boys had never been to one before.

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