Monday, March 19, 2012

My most recent favorite thing!

But first a few pix -
neal has been most entertaining lately -esp. when he forgets he's almost 3 [he turned 3 10 months ago]
Some quality boy time - i believe they are playing Monkey Island Three
a few months ago i invested in a DVD set called "Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage" -sounded fun to me! And, Boy, did they deliver -i first saw a clip on you tube about the "Tale of Two Brains." Well, on w/ today's story in the DVD series they spoke about a flag page -the flag page is a way of measuring what you love most about life -in a way others can see it & respect it. THEN, they said there was a kids' version. So, after much thought & deliberation (& making the older kids do the "game" a couple times to check for some consistency-guess which country i'm from :) - we have flag pages for all the boys!!! Brian & I did the big kid version -however, these are waaaay cuter.
It's no secret what Grant loves -being from Perfect Country & Adopted into Control-but i did learn a few things as we went through the activity-b/c i thought G was the President of Control Country -when i was reading the parent guide & it's said "the world's strongest willed-kids" my brilliant response was, "DUH!" But here's what we didn't know. Grant's TOP FAVORITESTS:
SINCERE, Organized, Thrives on Encouragement, Quick to Action, Strong Willed & Persistent. All i have to say is, "Amen, to that!"
Jared -From Perfect Country, Adopted Country Peace informed us-his favorites were:
MUSIC, Organized-he quickly justified he LIKED for things to ALWAYS be organized since that is rarely evidenced by how he chooses to keep his room, Artistic, Great Sense of Humor & Competent
Neal from Control Country-Adopted Country Peace chose
Strong Willed, Competent, Great Sense of Humor,
Self-Sufficient, Sympathetic & Patient
as some of the things he LOVES most about LIFE!

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